Tips to Keep Your Flowering Plants Healthy All Season Long

Who doesn’t love a beautiful container filled with flowering plants? It’s a wonderful way to have a colourful garden all summer long or to get a bit of nature in a smaller location like a balcony. Fill a big border with your favourite perennials, hang up hanging baskets all around the balcony, or fill some big flower pots on your terrace with flourishing annuals.

In general, we can enjoy beautiful colours and flowers from early spring all the way through fall. Over time, you may see some signs of dryness or colour dullness in your container plantings. Today, we provide you with some advice to keep your flowering plants healthy all season long!

The Right Amount of Water to Keep Your Flowers Healthy

First things first: water is essential, and especially the right amount of water is essential. We could advise a certain time interval and proportion of water, but basically, there is no ‘one size fits all’ method. It’s very important to keep the plant’s needs in mind because too much water isn’t healthy either. Some general advice during warm summers could be to water flowers daily. During other seasons (again, in general) twice a week could be enough. 

Use the Right Fertilizer for Healthy Flourishing Flowers

The right nutrients help your plants to grow and flourish like they are supposed to. Soil loses its fertility over time, so your plants need a fix of nutrients every now and then to stay healthy and vibrant. It’s important to choose the right kind of fertilizer containing your plant’s essential nutrients. For example, Nurseryland Power Bloom is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and contains a high dose of phosphorus and potassium. These will nurture your plants and make them flourish more than ever. Nurseryland Power Bloom is a water soluble fertilizer, which you can mix in your watering can every 10-14 days for the best results. Your hanging baskets, flower border, or flower pots on the terrace will show off their colours greatly when they are nurtured like this. 

Keep an Eye Out for Weeds to Protect Your Plants

Whether it’s in pots or a border, weeds use resources that are meant for your beloved garden plants. Besides that, they can bring diseases and pests along. In pots and containers, you can just take out the weeds by hand. For borders, you will need the right tools to weed your garden. We advise you to weed your garden on a weekly basis to keep your soil in the right condition for your plants. 

Give Your Plants the Right Spot for the Right Amount of Sunlight

Sunlight is important for our plants. Each plant has its specific requirements around the amount of sunlight. Most of your outdoor flowers need a lot of sunlight, whilst for some indoor ones, a few hours a day is enough. Make sure to check your plant’s needs and either block the sun for a few hours or clear the way to let the sunshine in.

Shopping list

Here's a recommended shopping list if you want to enjoy your flowers all Spring & Summer long:

  • Nurseryland Power Bloom

More advice on flowering plants?

For more tips on how to let your plants bloom all season long, you’re always welcome in our garden centre. We’re happy to give you more tips and advice about plant care and gardening. We hope to welcome you to our garden centre soon!