Best Flowers to Grow in a Hanging Basket

Best Flowers to Grow in a Hanging Basket

What are the best flowers to grow in a hanging basket is a question we have been asked many times. You can plant up your baskets at this time of year, make sure the new plants are hardened off and protected from any late frosts, and then hang them somewhere where you can enjoy looking at them as they grow and flower. We have picked our top ten flowers to succeed in hanging baskets, with a few surprises. Discover them now!

Top 10 Fantastic Flowers to Grow in Hanging Baskets

  1. Petunia
    The Petunia is the most popular flower to grow in hanging baskets, and it’s no wonder why! Petunias are easy to hold, come in many colours and patterns, and bloom for months throughout summer. They will need full sun, good quality compost, water retention granules, and a weekly feed in summer. Deadhead them to prolong blooming.
  2. Surfinia
    A hybrid of the Petunia and therefore requiring the same conditions; the difference is that they trail more than Petunias but don’t produce seed. If you mix and match the colours of Petunias with Surfinias, you will get a mass of colour.
  3. Lobelia
    Annual Lobelia trails effortlessly over the edges of a hanging basket and can be found in blue, pink, and white for a cascade of colours. They do not like the cold or dry soil, so keep your baskets well-watered.
  4. Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)
    An unfussy evergreen perennial that survives winter and hangs over the edges of a basket with its gold and yellow leaves. The only thing to consider is that it will eventually take over the whole basket but can easily be divided and planted somewhere else.
  5. Calibrachoa (Million Bells)
    Think of these as mini Petunias. They have smaller flowers with masses of colour. They are available in many different colours and can fill a hanging basket independently.
  6. Geranium
    Another popular choice with many different colours available. They add beautiful pops of colour to baskets and can be treated the same as other bedding plants.
  7. Nemesia
    Nemesia has some of the most incredible fragrances, is very sweet and can easily be caught in the breeze as you walk by. Pretty tiny flowers in various colours, sometimes even two-tone.
  8. Nasturtium
    These are easy to grow from seed or plug plants, and the whole plant is edible. So if you are looking for a hanging basket with plenty of brightly coloured edible flowers, Nasturtiums are the ones to grow.
  9. Strawberry
    Strawberry flowers are so pretty, and the plants grow well in hanging baskets. Just pinch a strawberry as you walk by!
  10. Tumbling tomato
    Another edible for a hanging basket. Both the pretty little yellow flowers are lovely to see, but there’s nothing more exciting than watching the red fruit grow.

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