Planting a Honey Bee Flower Garden

Planting a Honey Bee Flower Garden

It is fun planting a honey bee flower garden and watching the bees enjoy what you have created. The satisfaction of knowing you have planted specifically for pollinators will not only go on to pollinate your crops, but you will see that you are helping to support all essential species in your garden. It is also surprisingly easy to do because there are a vast number of plants that are specifically great for honey bees. Your garden will soon be buzzing if you follow these steps below.

How to Prepare for Planting a Honey Bee Flower Garden

There are many ways to plant for bees, from simply popping in a few pollinator-friendly plants among your existing borders to creating a whole new area or garden! Even allowing wildflowers to grow can be beneficial, which means less work for you. So, let some parts of your garden go wild. If you’d like to create a specific area, clear some ground and replenish the soil with some soil improver, compost, or other well-rotted organic matter. If you have a small space, just a raised bed or even pots and containers filled with a good quality peat-free compost will do.

What Plants to Look Out for When Planting a Honey Bee Flower Garden

With so many plants available that are great for attracting bees, you might be wondering where to start.

  • Double flowers are beautiful, and we definitely believe they have a place in all gardens.
  • Look out for single flowers when planting specifically for bees: they are generally much more accessible for bees to reach the nectar and pollen.
  • Science shows that bees like brightly coloured flowers that they can see and find easily.

Six Ideal Plants for Honey Bees

We’ve picked some of the best plants that honey bees will be attracted to, and although there are many more, and it will depend on your garden style and scheme, these are some of our favourites.

  1. Hellebores are superb for early season pollinators.
  2. Sunflowers will bring plenty of bees to your garden.
  3. Michaelmas daisies will help to extend the season into autumn.
  4. Centaurea is a magnet for bees and other pollinators.
  5. Lavender doesn’t just smell nice in the garden, bees love it too.
  6. Sedum is a great autumn plant for bees

Other Points to Remember When Planting a Honey Bee Garden

Ensuring your garden is friendly for honey bees and biodiversity in general means ensuring you are not using damaging pesticides or any other chemicals in your garden.

We have many plants for bees in store for you to choose from, and our friendly staff are on hand to advise you.

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