6 spring plants to brighten up your pots

6 spring plants to brighten up your pots

We all need some spring colour in our lives to chase away the cold dark days of winter! Planting up pots with beautiful spring flowers is a great way to banish the winter blues and give your garden, patio or windowsill a healthy dose of colour. We’ve chosen six of our favourite spring-flowering plants that all look fantastic in pots and will give you many weeks of enjoyment.

Spring bulbs

If you didn’t have time to plant bulbs in the autumn, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the flowers this spring by buying pots of pre-planted bulbs. Pots of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and all your other favourite spring bulbs are available now and can be planted out in containers and window boxes for gorgeous spring colour.


Heucheras have the most incredible foliage in a stunning range of colours, from silver and deep purple to blazing orange. Their colourful evergreen leaves make a superb backdrop for flowering plants, and they also look great on their own. Just one tip – vine weevil larvae can be a problem for container-grown heucheras, so keep on top of them by treating pots with nematodes in spring and autumn.


Wallflowers flower for a long time in spring and come in a range of gorgeous rich colours, including purple, red, orange and golden yellow. Many are deliciously scented, too, adding an extra dimension to the spring garden, and they combine beautifully with tulips and other spring bulbs. Compact dwarf wallflowers will grow happily in pots in sun or partial shade, needing very little extra care and attention.

Violas and pansies

You can’t beat violas and pansies for cheering up pots and window boxes in spring. The dainty-looking plants are surprisingly tough, and they cope well with any sudden spring frosts. They put on a great show of bright, colourful flowers as the weather warms up in spring, and deadheading the spent blooms will keep the plants flowering for many weeks.

6 spring plants to brighten up your pots

Bellis daisies

With their round pompom pink or white flowers bobbing on short stems above rosettes of green leaves, bellis daisies look fresh and bright in spring. Flowering for weeks in spring with no fuss and bother, they’re a must for sunny spots and ideal for containers.


Primulas are great for shady spots, and as well as the traditional soft yellow of the common primrose (Primula vulgaris), there’s a fantastic range of brightly coloured varieties available. You can choose from double, bicolour and even scented primulas, and they look lovely in pots and window boxes, their vibrant flowers gleaming like jewels above rosettes of green leaves. For even more impact, plant polyanthus, also part of the Primula genus with the same bright flowers held on slightly longer stems above the leaves.

6 spring plants to brighten up your pots

If your garden needs a dose of colour, come and see our fantastic range of spring plants. We have everything you need to brighten up pots, beds and window boxes this spring!

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