Here's how to make the most of your spring garden

Here's how to make the most of your spring garden

Make sure you know how to get the best from spring plants so you have a cheerful spring in the garden. When plants wake up during spring, it’s such an uplifting time of year and you’ll want to ensure you get the most from your spring plants until the early summer flowers take over. Spring is a busy time of year for gardeners starting to get the garden ready for the warmer, sunnier months ahead so make sure you take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the spring plants you’ve been waiting through out the winter months. 

Mixing up your planting

For stunning space saving ideas why not mix up your spring plants in containers on the patio. Plant your bulbs in a pot and ensure you have space to also plant some spring perennials or annuals. This way the pot will be full of colour with a variety of plants. For example Tulips in the middle of the pot and Primroses around the edges of the pot. Hyacinths and Pansies are another good combination. 

How to get the best from spring plants

Put them in pride of place 

If your garden or patio is bare but you have some spring plants coming into their own growing in containers, why not move them so they are in the best place for you to enjoy them? When the spring flowers are done, just pop them out of the way again and let the next flowers take centre stage. Remember also when you are planting spring plants in your borders to ensure they are situated where you can see them. 

Using your lawn

Enhance your lawn and really make it come alive in spring with some colourful bulbs. Use a bulb planter to drop crocus bulbs and replace the turf on top. Your lawn will be full of colour and later when the bulbs have finished flowering, you can start mowing the lawn at just about the right time of year. Don’t forget to leave some grass to grow longer which is beneficial for wildlife. 

How to get the best from spring plants

Grow early and late varieties 

Most spring bulbs will have early flowering and later flowering varieties. So if you plant a mix of these you’ll have flowers for a longer period over the spring months. Same goes for spring shrubs. If you makes sure you have some that flower late winter/early spring and others during spring into early summer, you’ll have plenty of interest for all of spring. We have a range of plants that will bring your spring garden alive. Visit us to make the most from your spring garden. 

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