The Holiday Season Has Started: Christmas Trends of 2021

The Holiday Season Has Started: Christmas Trends of 2021

It’s time to get ready for the Holiday season: check out the Christmas trends of 2021. If you want to be on-trend this year, we have the lowdown on what to expect on the shelves and in peoples’ homes this Christmas. Make sure you’ve got everything planned and looking gorgeous so you can relax over the festive period and enjoy taking some time to be with family and friends, good food, and all the best decorations. 

  1. Colours 
  2. Old style 
  3. Downsizing 
  4. Fruit and veg
  5. Indoor plants 

1. Colours on-trend now that the holiday season has started

Each year, photos of festive styles and colours are published in magazines. But did you know they aren’t random? Most are based on the coming trends for the Christmas period, and 2021 is no exception when it comes to a change of trendy colours. There will always be the classic colours of red, white, and green but if you want a shakeup, look out for pastel and more muted colours this year. Nature has been at the core of many activities over the past two years, so expect that to come indoors. Pale greens, calming pinks, whites, and caramel colours will be everywhere, but if you want to jazz things up, there will be plenty of colour-popping accessories as well. 

2. Now that the holiday season has started, it’s all about the old 

Memories, times went by, and the old-fashioned Christmas is back in fashion. Think red ribbons, oranges in Santa stockings, and walnuts on the table. Poinsettia’s on the coffee table and the wood burner keeping the home warm. Family around the table for a feast full of homegrown vegetables and games after everyone has had a snooze. The classic Christmas is always on-trend. 

3. The holiday season has started, and you can downsize it 

It’s been a hard few years, so it is completely fine to downsize if you don’t want to go all out for Christmas. In fact, you will find that many others will do just the same thing. There are just a few friends or family members to visit. A lovely Sunday roast and low-key gifts are on the menu. 

4. Fruit and vegetable decorations now that the holiday season has started 

If you don’t want to go with the traditional baubles on the Christmas tree, look out for some funky fruit and vegetables. You’ll be able to find many fun, glittery, and beautiful decorations for your tree in all shapes and sizes, including fruits and vegetables! Think tropical tree with avocado, lemons, and oranges glistening under the fairy lights. Have some fun and celebrate nature. 

5. This holiday season has started, so get your indoor plants sorted

It’s not just about the Christmas tree, but also your Poinsettia, Kalanchoe, and Christmas Cactus! Each will bring the magic of Christmas to your home. 

We are full of Christmas spirit in store with lots of decorations and plants for you to choose from.

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