Christmas Plants With Red Colours

Christmas Plants With Red Colours

There are Christmas plants with red colours to complement any Christmas theme you might have at home. It is always wonderful to add natural Christmas decorations, including red-coloured plants, to the Christmas table or coffee table for an extra special splash of the festive feels. Coupled with some bright fairy lights, red-coloured plants can bring all of the festive fun. Try these red-coloured Christmas plants for Christmas this year. 

  1. Poinsettia
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Christmas Cactus
  4. Cyclamen 

The Most Popular of All Christmas Plants With Red Colours 

Of course, at the top of the list has to be the Poinsettia! With bright red showy bracts and little yellow flowers, this is undoubtedly the Christmas plant for everyone. It hits the shelves just in time for the festive period and looks perfect in a brightly lit room. It can be tricky to get them to flower red again after the leaves drop, but it can be done! Poinsettias are also available in other colours, but red is still the most popular of them all. 

Amaryllis Is Another of the Christmas Plants With Red Colours 

Another popular Christmas flower is the Amaryllis for its showy and flamboyant flowers growing off a strong stem from a large bulb. You might even get more than one stem and numerous flowers as well. The deep red varieties are stunning at Christmas. Still, there are also various other colours, including white flowers with red petal edges, which are great for the festive season. Plant the large bulb with the top quarter out of the soil, but you can also buy them about to flower or already flowering. 

Christmas Plants With Red Colours Include the Christmas Cactus 

Christmas Cactus flowers are often bright to pale pink and white, but some are such a deep pink colour that they look like a beautiful shimmery red colour. They are stunning plants and so easy to grow. Needing very little care, they will still flower profusely just in time for Christmas. Minimal water requirements and bright, indirect light will reward you year after year. 

Indoor Cyclamen Are Great Christmas Plants With Red Colours

Along with white and pink, the glowing red indoor Cyclamen is the perfect choice for a table piece. Many are available in wicker-style pots with a ribbon around them, all ready to be put in the perfect place. A bright spot with indirect light and a room that isn’t too warm will mean your Cyclamen will thrive. Keep the soil moist but not overwatered. 

Adding Christmas plants around your home during the festive season can give it a really nice ambience and bring a natural feel to your theme and style. Factor in some of these red-coloured plants, and you’ll be full of the joys of Christmas since plants really do help to make people happy!

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