Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas

These Valentine gift ideas are the perfect gifts for gardeners on the most romantic day of the year. There are many ideas and options to keep your loved one happy for Valentine's Day. If they have a love of gardening, you might be wondering where to start! Don't worry. We've got you covered with these romantic gardening gifts for green fingers. 

  1. Seed paper card 
  2. Flowers and planted containers 
  3. Plant subscription 
  4. Gardening accessories
  5. Flower biscuits 

One of the Most Admirable Valentine Gift Ideas Is Seed Paper 

Yes, that's right! Seed paper! There are many ways to include an everlasting gift of seeds wrapped up in a gift. Starting with cards that are made of seeds or that come with a seed packet so that you can write your personalized message. After Valentine’s day, your valentine can plant the seed paper and watch the wildflowers grow. Even cosmetic brands include seed paper on the containers and jars. 

Flowers and Plant Containers Are Lovely Valentine Gift Ideas

Flowers might seem like the most obvious of gifts, but they really make the loveliest of gifts. For something a little different, why not gift a beautiful bunch of dried flowers instead or a container already planted up, with late winter and early spring flowers such as Hellebores and Snowdrops? Say it with flowers to your valentine. 

Valentine Gift Ideas Include Plant Subscriptions

Why not gift plants each and every month? That would make for a very happy Valentine! There are numerous gift subscriptions available where a plant, a box of mini plants, even cuttings and postbox flowers will be sent every month. Choose the subscription that is just right for your valentine and surprise them with the frequent delivery of plants.

Gardening Accessories Are Top of the Valentine Gift Ideas

Trust us, we know what gardeners love to be gifted, and gloves, trowels, and forks are top of the list. If your valentine needs to prune roses, get some hard-wearing gifts to save their hands. If your gardening valentine has some pots and containers to tend to, more is always needed no matter how many hand tools they already have! Or, if they are budding gardeners, there are always seed packets, propagation trays, and pots to get started with. You will never be short of gardening gifts on Valentine’s day. 

Edible Valentine Gift Ideas Are Flower Biscuits 

Edible Valentine gifts have become much more popular recently, from cupcakes with cactus icing to flower biscuits presented in easy to deliver boxes laid out just like a bouquet of flowers. Both pretty and tasty, this thoughtful gift will make your Valentine’s day and is a twist on the traditional gift of flowers. 

Find your Valentine gift in store and ask our friendly advisors for some suggestions. 

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