How to Support Wildlife in April

How to Support Wildlife in April

There are many ways to support wildlife in April, so don’t forget to keep wildlife in mind with your general gardening tasks. If you look after your local wildlife, it can have a massive impact on your garden’s success and your own well-being. A more biodiverse garden means more enjoyment and well-being. It’s a joy to watch birds visit the garden and hear the croak of a toad. Everyone loves spotting a bee pollinating plants and the flutter of a butterfly. Gardening with wildlife in mind is good for you and wildlife and the environment.

How to Support Wildlife in April with Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a great way to supplement bird food in your garden. Ideally, lots of native hedging full of berries, trees, and shrubs will attract a whole host of birds, but many will still need supplementary feeding. From wooden bird tables to metal hanging peanut holders, there are many options to suit your garden. Make sure you fill them up with feed appropriate for birds and place them away from predators.

Planting for Pollinators is How to Support Wildlife in April

Pollinators are essential for the environment. Not only are bees pollinators but also beetles, lacewings, butterflies, ladybugs and many more. When you choose your plants, look out for the label that shows if they are suitable for pollinators, often represented by a bee graphic, these plants provide nectar, homes and other food, and as they visit, they will then go on to pollinate your crops making it a win-win for all.

How to Support Wildlife in April with a Wild Garden

Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect. And even if you do want it to be formal, leaving an area to grow wild will be hugely beneficial to wildlife. Tall grasses, unexpected wildflowers, and even clover in your lawn. All of this attracts wildlife who will both feed and find homes in your area of the wild. If you allow a patch to grow wild, you never know what you might find. Moths and butterflies plus ladybugs, millipedes and beetles will all thank you for it.

Ponds Are One Way to Support Wildlife in April

Even if you don’t have a big space, wildlife ponds can support many species. A small pond can easily be made in a garden or allotment filled with:

  • oxygenating,
  • marginal,
  • and even water lily plants.

A pond can be an excellent addition. You’ll spot toads and even bees drinking from the water in no time. Ensure your pond can be accessed by wildlife by ensuring there is something both in and around the edges to climb in and safely back out. Pebbles are ideal.

Support wildlife in your garden by visiting us in the store to choose from our wildlife range and ask for advice from any of our staff.

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