Why Saunas

The history of Saunas is long, impressive and is still popular today. Saunas can help people relax and unwind while also providing potential health benefits.

Saunas are small rooms with temperatures ranging from 150°F to 195°F (65°C to 90°C). Interiors are frequently unpainted wood with temperature controls. Saunas may also use rocks that absorb and release heat (as part of the heating element). Steam may be created by pouring water across these rocks.

A sauna’s function is to warm up your body. Relaxing in a hot, woodsy-scented sauna could be the highlight of your gym session or a delightful vacation activity. Saunas provide relaxation and health benefits, such as relieving minor aches and pains, whether you use them several times a week or perhaps once a year.

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